About us:

Frames: We believe in personal service. We will help you determine the best type of lenses to fit your needs and the best frame to flatter your face. If you are extremely nearsighted or farsighted we can help select frames that take into account these special requirements.

Contacts: We recommend a detailed contact lens exam before you re-order any type of a contact lens to assess any side effects of contact lens use.

We stock most brands of contacts and have access to ALL major brands

We custom fit:
•Contact lenses to deal with common problems such as poor comfort after 1-2 hours of wear, glare, dry eyes, deposit coatings as side effect of medications
•Progressive contacts so patients do not need to wear reading glasses with their distance single vision contacts
•Lenses to give patients a preview of their vision before refractive (laser) surgery
lenses for astigmatism

We provide trial contacts for most patients.

Appointments: We see all patients on an appointment basis but also accept walk ins if time allows. Appointed office hours are available Monday through Friday and limited Saturday mornings. We also have one evening for later appointments.

Telephone Calls: Patients are encouraged to call with questions or concerns. The office staff has been trained to answer many of your questions and, if necessary, they will relay your information to the doctors.

Fees & Payments: It is the policy of our office to pay for services when rendered and one half down on purchases of frames and lens or contacts. For your convenience, we honor Visa and MasterCard. Please feel free to discuss our services and fees with any member of our staff. The best vision care incorporates good patient and doctor communication.